miniOrange, Pune

Job Title: Software Engineer

  • Company Profile :

    miniOrange is a security software company that was built from the ground up by a group of experienced technology architects, with a background in security themselves. Unwilling to continue in their day jobs, the team began miniOrange. Having a deep understanding of security, the miniOrange team applies their technical expertise to create unique and helpful solutions to the needs and challenges of the industry. We are growing day by day and will continue to do so! The miniOrange team’s domain is in Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, Mobile Security and Vulnerability Management. The central focus of our products and company revolve around these themes. Our solutions are specific, accurate and, most importantly, great at doing what they’re supposed to: Making you more secure!

  • Qualification : Btech, BE ( IT), MCA, Mtech- Only 2018 Pass outs
  • Experience : Fresher
  • Job Location : Pune
  • Salary : Rs- 3, 80,000- per anuum to 5, 00,000/- per anuum
  • job Descriptions :

  • Job Description:

    miniOrange seeks a Software Engineer to work from our office in Pune, India.

    1. A passion for programming - What does that mean? It means when you get up on a weekend and there is nothing to feel like coding. You code for fun even on a saturday or a sunday. Thats what passion for coding means. If you think this is crazy, this job is not for you.
    2. The ability to work hard - This means that you came to office at 9 am and then went back late at 7pm and found a couple of new emails popping up and you start working on those. Till late. and then you again show up at 9 am. And you do this 5 days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year and you can still squeeze in some fun.
    3. Eagerness to learn - Too many things to do and too little time. You need to have the attitude to learn new things everyday!
    4. Please don' t be boring - Its ok to crack a few jokes once in a while, work is tough but still try to have a little fun. Take some initiative. Engage others.

    If you fit in all the above, you will get the kind of security software product development experience that is unavailable in India. Yes that is correct. We have global customers and in a couple of years your knowledge will be more than engineers having twice the number of years.


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  • Deadline to apply : 2018-10-30
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